Bryston's new Integrated Amplifier - B135

Bryston's head-office is located in the small town of Peterborough, Ontario, Canada. They are known for their purist approach to design and their industry leading 20 years warranty on analog components. Their latest offering is the B135 SST² Integrated Amplifier.


Bryston B135


Bryston has discontinued the B100 and replaced it with the B135. The B100 was an excellent amplifier in most respects but wasn't necessarily attractive. The B135 is a very attractive looking amplifier and the performance beats the B100. After my somewhat limited listening test, I can easily agree with Bryston's statement "The Bryston B135 SST² Integrated Amplifier is without question one of the most sonically transparent and reliable audio products available. It offers performance levels equal to the finest separate audio components."

It is fully upgradeable with:

- An internal DAC (B135-DA).

- A Moving Magnet Phono stage (B135-P)


Inputs: 6x RCA Single Ended Pairs, 2x RCA Single Ended Pairs (Record In, Power Amp In), 2x Optical (TOSLINK)*, 2x SPDIF (RCA)*

Outputs: 2x RCA Single Ended Pairs (Record Out, Preamp Out), Speaker Terminals, ¼” Headphone Jack

Control: RS-232 (DB9), AUX IR, 2x 12V Output Triggers


135W into 8 Ohms (180W into 4 Ohms)

Over 30,000 MFD of filter capacitance per channel

Three ultra-low-noise power transformers

Separate ground paths for Digital and Analog

Gold plated switch, contacts, and connectors

Pre-out/main in connectors

Convection cooled and housed in a fully aluminum chassis

RS-232 serial data port for remote control via Crestron, AMX or similar control systems


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