Quiet Winter Night

Quiet Winter Night - Hoff Ensemble

On three separate occasions I tried to listen critically to this album and failed each time. The music drew me into the recording space and I quickly forgot that my purpose was to make notes as I listen so that I could write intelligently about the album.

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Rita Coolidge

Rita Coolidge - Playing Something Sweet

Listen to this Rita Coolidge release from AIX Records and you will soon rediscover the beauty of simplicity in the recording arts. During my first listening session, I found the music to be clean and unobstructed as if you are in the recording studio working with the engineer on the final mix. From my experience this is the point in the recording process where the music sounds best. After that point, they add compression and dynamic processing so that the music will sound "good" on average music systems.

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HD download - Anne Akiko Meyers, Seasons Dreams

If you like violin music you will love Seasons Dreams. Anne Akiko Meyers is a world-renowned violinist. Her recently released "Seasons Dreams" is a compilation of tracks with her special take on some well known recordings, ranging from Classical to Jazz. It's available from HDTracks as an 88kHz 24 bits digital download.

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HD Download - Norah Jones, Little Broken Hearts

Norah Jones has done it again. An album that is different from any of her previous ones. Not as "happy" as previous albums but the voice is amazing. Its interesting that this download is at 44.1 kHz 24 bit. This seems to be the middle ground of balancing file size against quality i.e. using CD quality sampling rate (44.1 kHz) and HD audio bit rate (24 bit).

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HD Download - Jesca Hoop, The House That Jack Built

Jesca Hoop describes the making of her new album as "an effort on my part to grow, expand, and reach new depths in my craft. It is a reflection of my ability to do that at the time. This is an ongoing process, of course. With "Jack" I had the help of three obscenely talented friends - Tony Berg, Shawn Everett and Blake Mills - who all shared the role of "Producer".

The album is available from the Society of Sound. This is a label managed by Peter Gabriel and owned by Bowers & Wilkins.

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HD Download - Ernest Ranglin, Order of Distinction

Ernest Ranglin, the father of Jamaican ska music, is "the most important jazz musician to ever come out of Jamaica" according to Chris Blackwell, founder of Island Records. His playing and arranging talents have been a powerful force in the growth of Jamaica.

Order of Distinction includes other amazing musicians such as Robby Krieger of the Doors and Elliot Easton from the Cars. The album is available from iTrax in many different formats including FLAC and PCM at 96 kHz 24 bits and as a DVD Audio disk.

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