HD Download - Ernest Ranglin, Order of Distinction

Ernest Ranglin, the father of Jamaican Ska music, is "the most important jazz musician to ever come out of Jamaica" according to Chris Blackwell, founder of Island Records. His playing and arranging talents have been a powerful force in the growth of Jamaica.

Order of Distinction includes other amazing musicians such as Robby Krieger of the Doors and Elliot Easton from the Cars. The album is available from iTrax in many different formats including FLAC and PCM at 96 kHz 24 bits and as a DVD Audio disk.

Order of Distinction is a flavor rich combination of Jazz and Reggae with a little bit of Ska thrown in for good measure. The sound quality is very good; the music is mellow and minimalist i.e. not too many instruments competing for your attention at the same time.

Listen to an MP3 version of a sample track Pocomania.



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