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Our Values

Music is best enjoyed when played from equipment that accurately reproduces the original sound, is visually pleasing, and in an environment providing the right ambience for the listener.

AudiophileSound aims to be an objective voice in the audio community that helps the music lover to become an audiophile and the audiophile to have the best musical experience from a given budget.



My Story

Since my teenage years, I was always interested in quality sound reproduction. While in high school I built my first Power Amplifier, 10 watts/channel solid state, class AB. I then built the famous Quad 405 (100 watts/channel current dumping amplifier) and enjoyed it for many years. Of course these were hand-made and I typically used equivalent or better parts. My focus now is on off-the-shelf systems that require the least amount of set-up or tinkering.

My work experience includes Professional and Consumer Audio, Biomedical Instrumentation, Telecommunications and Software. I have a Bachelor of Engineering (electronics) degree. Audio continues to be my number one hobby.

My current music system is very modest, consisting of the following:

- Philips 212 Turntable.

- Mac Mini with Amarra HiFi and iTunes for HD Audio playback

- Arcam rDAC via USB to the Mac Mini (96 kHz @ 24 bit)

- Musical Fidelity A3 CD

- Bryston B-60 SST Amplifier with Moving Magnet Phono input

- Linn Ninka Speakers

Of course, as any audiophile knows, a music system is never perfect and so I expect to revise this on an on-going basis. Happy travels...

AudiophileSound Logo

First Curve: Flexible and Modern - Although we appreciate old technology, we are not bounded by it.

Straight line: Fact based - Objectivity trumps subjectivity. No “DAC with a dancer’s timing” comments here. This was a real quote from a popular Audiophile magazine reviewing a Digital to Analog Converter.

Last Curve: Start of a sine wave - With all the technological changes, our ears are still analog organs, therefore what really matters is what we hear not necessarily the technology behind it.


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